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Summative Post: Scooter's Birthday, MMVA, Someday, Letterman, View, LAX

We'll start from June 18th, Scooter's birthday! HQ

Y'all should seriously see Usher's hair in HQ, its so crisp.

MMVA's red carpet, acceptances June 19. Oh, and yeah. HQ

Someday perfume launch in NYC June 22 HQ

They were all ugly shots and I didn't have a lot of choice ok


Inside the package. via tumblr.

Someday parody with Jimmy Fallon.

Letterman, June 22. I still don't understand why he felt the need to change outfits in between, but ok. He also looks really good in pink. HQ

The View, June 23. HIS CUP THO. HQ

Monte Carlo premiere red carpet, June 23. HQ

Arriving at LAX with Pattie, June 24. HQ

Tags: photos: award show, photos: candids, photos: interview, photos: performance, photos: red carpet, video: guest star, video: paparazzi
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